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Ed Tech Spotlight

An instructor records in the Lightboard studio.

UIC’s Lightboard Studio

Have you been looking for a new way to create engaging videos for your students? Check out UIC’s Lightboard Studio and consider making a reservation to try it out!

A Classroom support student assists an instructor, demonstrating how to set up the built in microphone for use.

Engage with our Classroom Tech Support Team

Have you ever run into an issue with the projector in your classroom and wish someone could help you on the spot? Our Classroom Techs are here to help!

Ultra Course view is organized and intuitive.

Explore Ultra Course View

Have you heard about the innovative new features implemented recently in Blackboard Learn Ultra Course View? Explore this article to learn how you can try out the new research-informed capabilities of Anthology’s Blackboard Learn Ultra.

A classroom support student assists an instructor with the use of the overhead projector.

Learning Spaces Updates

If you are teaching in a classroom equipped with Echo360, your students can use active learning tools during class and have access to the recording of your lecture after class. Click to find out if Echo360 is the right tool for you.

A smiling man with a telephone headset is happy to help an instructor with Blackboard.

Blackboard Help Services

New Blackboard support options in August improved response times to help tickets


Exemplary Course Award Winner, Martina Bode for Calculus I

CATE is proud to announce that Martina Bode was awarded the 2022 Exemplary Course Program (ECP) for Calculus I. The ECP Award recognizes faculty who develop engaging and innovative Blackboard courses that represent the very best in technology.