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Classroom Tech Support

Illustration showing the three tiers of classroom technical support.

Many UIC classrooms received upgraded technology over the summer. Many instructors have already taken advantage of the training sessions and classroom technical tours to get familiar with the use of Echo 360, UIC’s streaming solution for Spring 2022.

Continuing through the spring semester, CATE will feature a new level of tech support to make sure classroom technical problems can be resolved as quickly as possible. Keep an eye out for students wearing our CATE t-shirts on campus — they are there to help if teaching technology is not working in your classroom as it should.

Please note, the support levels listed here are for centrally-managed classrooms. Support and contact information for each classroom will be provided in each specific room/location (centrally managed vs. individual department operated).

We have several levels of support to address classroom technical problems:

  • In-Classroom Support: CATE has hired 18 students to help this spring. A classroom tech support student will meet you at your classroom to help with AV equipment and streaming or recording technologies such as Echo360 and Zoom. Faculty will recognize them from their CATE branded t-shirts as indicated in the infographic above. These students are available to assist with basic IT questions, can help in setting up the AV system, or various ed-tech questions such as Echo 360 and Zoom if instructors are having trouble.
  • Tier 1 Support: If the classroom tech support students are unable to immediately resolve your problem, they will call in the CATE Tier 1 support team. At this level, this team can help with more complicated requests such as broken equipment or system failures. To directly request tier-1 support faculty can call the phone number listed on the monitor in the room.
  • Tier 2 Support: If the CATE Tier 1 team is still unable to resolve the problem, they will pull in our CATE IT experts who are able to fix more complex issues in our classrooms and engage UIC’s vendors as needed.

With these levels of support, and especially with our classroom tech support team, we hope to resolve any unexpected situations in the classroom quickly and efficiently, so that you can get back to the important work of teaching your class, without too much interruption.