Gradescope is an online rubric-based grading tool that helps instructors seamlessly administer and grade all assessments, eliminating grading inconsistency, saving time grading while getting a clearer picture of how students are learning, and allowing for enhanced feedback to students. Refer to UIC's Gradescope Infographic to learn its benefits.

Gradescope is available in the Tools area of Blackboard courses. Clicking on Gradescope will automatically create and activate an instructor account. Instructors will receive an email to set a password, but there is no need to create one, as instructors can access Gradescope directly in Blackboard. Launching Gradescope through a Blackboard course will automatically link the course to Gradescope. Instructors will  have to add students to the roster in Gradescope for them to be able to access assignments.

In the Gradescope Class Roster page, there is a Sync Blackboard Roster option that when clicked will sync students to the Gradescope course. It also recognizes if a student is a TA, and will mark the student as such. If students enroll or drop out of classes, instructors should click Sync Blackboard Roster again to ensure new or dropped students get synced.

AVAILABLE TO: Faculty | Students | Staff

FUNDED BY: University