Common-Use Classrooms

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching Excellence (CATE) provides and maintains the technology in over 187 common-use classrooms, those scheduled by the Office of Classroom Scheduling, and trains and supports faculty and staff in the use of that technology.

Over 97% of the common-use classrooms have multimedia technology installed, providing modern capabilities and flexibility for the teaching and learning experience. There are two main types of audio and video (AV) systems available: Integrated Multimedia Lectern (IML) and Plug & Play systems. Additionally, the CATE maintains an inventory of various types of multimedia equipment. This equipment is available by stopping in the CATE Support Office before your class. The CATE Support Office is centrally located in Lecture Center E112.

Additionally, the majority of common-use classrooms have Echo360 devices that make it possible to record and livestream lectures. Classroom capture recordings and live streaming must be requested and scheduled ahead of time, and can be either one-time events or repeating semester events. Captures are available within 3-6 hours of a one-hour long lecture.