Echo360 provides all UIC instructors with a free and easy-to-use lecture capture and live streaming tool. There are two distinct lecture capture and live streaming options:

Classroom Capture: Allows instructors to easily record lectures taught in specific classrooms and make them available to their students via web, podcast, or vodcast in and outside Blackboard. The device installed in the classroom (Echo PRO or Echo POD) will capture all audio and video sources in the classroom’s multimedia system, including the installed PC, an instructor’s laptop, and the built-in and wireless microphones. Classroom recordings must be requested and scheduled ahead of time, and can be either one-time events or repeating semester events. Captures are available within 3-6 hours of a one-hour long lecture. CATE assists with scheduling automatic capture of the common-use classrooms. See Scheduling for information regarding college managed classrooms.

Universal Capture (UC): Allows instructors to record captures using a stand-alone application that runs on Windows and Mac computers. Instructors can install the UC software in their own computers or use the computer in the classroom. Instructors can use UC to record a webcam video input or simply record audio and their computer screen simultaneously, which allows adding sound to PowerPoint presentations and other course material.

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