Equity and Inclusion Toolkit

To support the full participation of all students and provide every student with an equitable opportunity to succeed in their courses here at UIC, we need to be intentional in the design of the learning environment to ensure it feels welcoming, accessible, and inclusive to everyone. The Equity and Inclusion Toolkit provides faculty resources for building an inclusive syllabus and adopting teaching practices that create a positive classroom climate supporting our diverse students. It also serves as a resource hub to help faculty find additional resources on campus and in other organizations who study and develop resources supporting equity-minded and culturally-competent teaching.

It's also important to acknowledge that in fall 2020 we find ourselves in extraordinary times facing two pandemics, one in public health and another of systemic racial injustice. In recognition of the urgent call for action to eliminate systemic anti-Black racism in higher education, the CTE is curating materials from across campus and the nation to help faculty in their efforts to signal compassion and empathy for minoritized students and Black colleagues while also working to achieve equity in the curriculum and student outcomes.