Flames Flex Instruction

Flames Flex Instruction

CATE is developing resources and programming to help UIC instructors implement learning experiences that engage students actively during class time, no matter the location of the student, whether online or in-person. CATE is calling the range of instructional modes being used this fall, Flames Flex, in order to emphasize UIC’s commitment to give students flexible options for learning. CATE is committed to help instructors design equitable learning experiences for all students.

CATE will support four general modalities of instruction expected across courses and Colleges in fall 2021:

Students will be returning to some in-person classes in the Fall.

A blended class allows students to participate in person or online.

  • Online synchronous: fully online course with live sessions at specified times
  • Online asynchronous: fully online course with no mandatory live sessions
  • On-campus blended synchronous: in-person students simultaneously meeting with synchronous online students via live streaming technology
  • On-campus hybrid: mix of in-person instruction with online content delivered synchronously or asynchronously

Resources including the UIC Classroom Database and the Teaching Guides associated with Flames Flex instruction will be available starting June 15, 2021.  Please bookmark this page and check back soon as we continue to update this website.  Thank you for patience!


Temporary classroom list categorized by AV system (plug-and-play vs. lectern-based):

Knowledge Base articles on how to operate AV systems:


CATE Summer Institute: Preparing for Flames Flex Instruction - Fall 2021

Guiding Principles

  1. Courses are learner-centered and offer students flexible options to participate fully in the course.
  2. Content and discussion activities are created with accessibility, equity, and inclusion in mind.
  3. Courses enable learning experiences that engage students in evidence-based learning activities in face-to-face, synchronous, and asynchronous modalities.
  4. Students are equipped with the required technology as well as the technology skills needed to equitably participate in a course.
A student has a solo piano lesson.

Flexible learning is key for students in the Arts.

**Note that the registrar’s course designation (see glossary) for what we call a Blended course, and that many others are referring to as variations of HyFlex, is ONCAM for fall 2021.