Student Experience and Success

Understanding student expectations of online instructors and the teaching dispositions that improve the student experience is key for student success and retention.

10 Tips to Support Students in a Stressful Shift to Online Learning

The Chronicle of Higher Education, 7 pages, 3/20/2020

Decades of research show that relationships with professors play a key role in student retention. If such relationships weaken or lapse entirely in the shift to online learning, thousands of students could flounder, even drop out.

A Dozen Strategies for Improving Online Student Retention

Faculty Focus, 8 pages, 7/8/2013

The key to a successful online retention program is the realization that student retention is everybody’s job.

A Review of Predictive Factors of Student Success in and Satisfaction With Online Learning

Research in Learning Technology, 13 pages, 7/30/2015

Knowing learner attributes may assist faculty in designing quality online courses to meet students’ needs. Adequate instructional methods, support, course structure and design can facilitate student performance and satisfaction.

Five Things Online Students Want from Faculty

Faculty Focus, 6 pages, 5/30/2014

Jennifer Luzar, associate professor of language arts at Northwood University, has compiled things students want in their online courses and ways that she has adapted her instruction accordingly.

How to Help Struggling Students Succeed Online

The Chronicle of Higher EducationThe Chronicle of Higher Education, 5 pages, 3/26/2020

As instructors across the country move to remote teaching, many are worried about students who are already at a disadvantage. How can professors support them during this challenging time?

Matching Student Expectations with Instructors’ Dispositions

The Journal of Effective Teaching, 14 pages, 1/9/2015

Results are discussed in terms of student expectations and faculty dispositions, focusing on items relating to faculty expertise, pedagogy, and effective use of technology. Knowledge of these factors may lead to a better understanding of the factors, not related to their specific content, that influences online students’ success.

Note: This document includes other articles as part of the publication’s scholarship of teaching and effective teaching.

Remote Learning Shift Leaves Students With Disabilities Behind

InsideHigherEd, 6 pages, 4/6/2020

In the shift from in-person to online instruction in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the needs of students with disabilities can be overlooked.


Strategies for Increasing Online Student Retention and Satisfaction

Distance Education Report, 20 pages

As an increasing number of colleges and universities identify online education as a critical component to their long-term strategy, it is mandatory for everyone who touches the distance learner to understand why students leave their online courses, and what it will take to keep them there.

The Role of Interactivity in Student Satisfaction and Persistence in Online Learning

MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching, 12 pages, 7/2014

Interactivity is an important component of satisfaction and persistence for online learners.

7 Essential Time Management Tips for Online Students

Peterson’s Blog, 6 pages, 4/5/2016

School has always meant a structured and regimented environment, and without that scaffolding, the house of cards can threaten to fall down pretty hard if students don’t have an effective time management strategy.