Preparing for Fall 2020

The disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic prompted universities to re-think the fall semester experience.

Are Colleges Ready for a Different Kind of Teaching This Fall?

The Chronicle of Higher Education, 10 pages, 5/6/20.

As colleges plan for Fall 2020, so much is uncertain, including the continuing threat of Covid-19, the health of campus budgets, and the desire of students to enroll.

Preparing (quietly) for a Fall Semester Without In-Person Instruction

InsideHigherEd, 6 pages, 4/1/2020

How things will unfold if in-person instruction is either prohibited or inadvisable come the Fall 2020 semester.


Will the Coronavirus Forever Alter the College Experience?

The New York Times, 3 pages, 5/12/2020

Colleges and universities struggling to continue teaching even as their students have receded into diminutive images, in dire need of haircuts, on videoconference checkerboard.

Colleges Aren’t Reopening in the Fall

The Chronicle of Higher Education, 3 pages, 5/21/2020

Why are some college administrators still expressing public confidence in reopening for Fall 2020?


Universities Overcome Bumps in Transition to Online Teaching

Physics Today, 7 pages, 6/1/2020

Instructors grapple with how to administer exams that meaningfully assess students, suppress cheating, minimize anxiety, and preserve privacy in the fall 2020 semester.

Why Colleges Should Plan for an Exclusively

The Chronicle of Higher Education, 10 pages, 5/27/2020

Many colleges will not survive fall 2020 without focusing on one of the most important issues from a student perspective — quality virtual education.