Faculty Role in Online Learning

There are many factors involved in successful and effective online learning, including the instructor’s “presence” and the interactions between the students and the instructor.

5 Time Management Tips for Managing An Online Classroom

eLearning Industry, 3 pages, 4/10/2016

Time management tips to ensure effectiveness in the online classroom.

Delivering High-Quality Instruction Online in Response to COVID–19

Every Learner Everywhere, 55 pages, 5/18/2020

This faculty playbook offers resources to design, enhance, and optimize online teaching with a more thoughtful approach to delivering high quality online learning.

Engaging Students in an Online Classroom

The Chronicle of Higher Education, 6 pages, 8/13/2020.

Our teaching-and-learning experts give you insights on what works in the online classroom.

Exploring Four Dimensions of Online Instructor Roles

Indiana University, 20 pages

Program level case study exploring four dimensions of online instructor roles: Pedagogical, social, managerial, and technical. Findings confirmed that instructors perform different roles in different degrees when teaching online.

Here’s the Syllabus for Your Summer Crash Course in Online Education

Ed Surge, 7 pages, 5/7/2020

More virtual class time may be in your future, so this is the right time to learn a little more about online pedagogy.

Making Online Learning Active

Inside Higher Ed, 3 pages, 7/6/2020

Using digital sources and tools in virtual humanities classrooms.

Teacher Presence and Social Presence in Virtual and Blended Courses

Journal of Information Technology Education: Research, 24 pages, 5/22/2018

Examine the relationship between teacher presence and social presence, and feelings of challenge and threat, self-efficacy, and motivation among students studying in virtual and blended courses.

Yes, Your Zoom Teaching Can Be First-Rate

Inside Higher Ed, 3 pages, 7/8/2020

Six steps for how you can create a community of active learning online if you “use the medium.”