Asynchronous Teaching Toolkit

This instructional resource was developed to help faculty create a syllabus with elements relevant to teaching an asynchronous online course at UIC. The syllabus template is organized into sections that you might consider including in your syllabus. Attention was paid to suggesting language for each section that conveys a welcoming tone and helps to create an ethos of inclusion, academic integrity, and community in your class. Additional resources include the COVID-19 syllabus statements, part or all of which you may consider adding to your syllabus this fall, and an inclusive syllabus checklist, which is a tool to help instructors incorporate syllabus elements that communicate your intention to foster an inclusive learning environment. The Synchronous Teaching Toolkit also serves as a resource hub where faculty can directly connect to educational technology resources and support in ACCC relevant to synchronous instruction.

Syllabus Template for Online Asynchronous Courses

The syllabus template is a teaching guide that includes suggested language for a broad array of issues and contingencies that may be relevant to your class.  You may utilize any of the language therein for your syllabus.

Additional resources to support your syllabus development:

General tips when designing your syllabus

Guidelines for creating an inclusive syllabus



Create Syllabus

Planning for Asynchronous Instruction

The Learning Technology Solutions (LTS) team at ACCC has developed many resources to support courses being taught asynchronously:

Develop recorded lecture videos.

Request a Blackboard template.

Promote student engagement, including the module in the Basic Steps to Teaching Online Tutorial called “Promoting Student Engagement“.

To learn more about digital accessibility, please visit this resource.

Graduate student course builders are also available to help faculty who are teaching asynchronous courses.  Please contact your department head to make inquiries about these incredibly human resources this fall.

UIC also is offering the opportunity for instructors to take the ION course, “Overview of Online Instruction”, which begins in October. Please visit the UIC Extended Campus course page for a detailed overview of topics and to register for the course.

Plan Instruction