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Short videos featuring recipients of a UIC Teaching Recognition Program Award sharing their teaching philosophies.

Inspiring glimpses into teaching excellence.

UIC TRP Award recipient Elizabeth Todd-Breland
Elizabeth Todd-Breland, History Department
I encourage students to question dominant narratives and societal norms while fostering a learning culture that also respects and celebrates differences.
UIC TRP Award recipient Pavan Srivistava
Pavan Shrivastava, Clinical Medicine & Pediatrics
Through encouragement, I seek to develop a learner's confidence and decisiveness, while at the same time normalizing the fact that we as clinicians do not always have the answer.
UIC TRP Award recipient Alyson Patsavas
Alyson Patsavas, Disability and Human Development
My teaching philosophy is informed by critical disability pedagogies, which views disability as a key source of knowledge and experience rather than a problem to be accommodated or solved.
UIC TRP Award recipient Frank Borgers
Frank Borgers, Health Policy & Administration
I design class time around active learning, discussions, Q&A, group work, case competitions, jeopardy ... basically less lecture and more doing.
UIC TRP Award recipient Rebecca Singer
Rebecca Singer, Population Health Nursing Science
My philosophy requires me to engage students with my full, authentic self so that I can affirm who they are and draw their whole self into nursing and guide their transformation into committed, caring health care workers .
UIC TRP Award recipient Lieke van Heumen
Lieke van Heumen, Disability and Human Development
I believe that students learn best when they can be actively involved in their own learning process.
UIC TRP Award recipient Virginia Costello
Virginia Costello, English
I believe the key to successful college teaching is the careful choreography of each class. Each class offers a new opportunity to form a community around the art or skill of interpreting a text.
UIC TRP Award recipient Edward Podsiadlik
Edward Podsiadlik, College of Education
Education is life. I believe that meaningful teaching and learning transcend facts and information.
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2021 - 2022 TRP Awardees
Listen to inspiring words from some of the 2021-2022 Teaching Recognition Program awardees.

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