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Mission, Goals, and Values

OUR MISSION Heading link

who we are

To develop a culture of inclusive education informed by scholarship through building relationships, leveraging partnerships, creating community, and collaborating with instructors to promote student success.

WHAT WE DO Heading link

  • Implement and provide

    Implement programming and provide resources for current and future instructors in equity-minded, reflective, and effective teaching practices and curricular design.

  • Build capacity

    Build capacity for campus-wide professional learning in equity-minded, reflective, and effective teaching practices and curricular design

  • Create spaces

    Create spaces for dialogue that motivate adoption of equity-minded, reflective, and effective instructional practices affecting student success in diverse classrooms.

  • Foster scholarly teaching

    Foster a culture of scholarly teaching by promoting inquiry-driven and data-informed changes to instructional practices.

  • Connect a community

    Connect a community of educators who develop responsive initiatives in teaching development and learning to drive teaching innovation and cultural transformation.

  • Empower instructors

    Empower instructors to leverage educational technology in teaching across multiple instructional modalities such as face-to-face, online, and hybrid formats.

  • Direct and participate

    Direct and participate in initiatives to acquire grant funds in support of student success from the undergraduate to graduate and postdoctoral levels

  • Engage in collaborations

    Engage in multidisciplinary collaborations across campus and with regional and national partners to establish UIC as a leader in the teaching enterprise.

HOW WE WORK Heading link

Our work is guided and informed by our commitments to:

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Inclusiveness – we respect individuals and facilitate equity-minded, student-centered outcomes.

Participation – we recognize and celebrate contributions of the entire UIC community.

Collaboration – we seek out and nurture partnerships that synergize with the university mission to advance educational opportunities for diverse stakeholders and scholarship that transforms the world.

Innovation – we champion pioneering and creative educators, and we proactively contribute to a dynamic teaching landscape.

Excellence – we advocate for evidence-based practice, research-based decision-making, and recognition of scholarly teaching.

Accountability – we model a culture of assessment by adhering to a framework guiding self-review and an iterative improvement cycle.