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Vignettes by UIC Instructors

Short essays describing teaching strategies and technological tools that helped instructors and students stay motivated and feel connected during the semester. These examples span a variety of disciplines, class sizes, and course levels, augmenting our growing repository of resources we hope will support the UIC community in continued efforts to improve the online learning experience for our students.

Alex Daemicke Hansen

Professor Hansen created a welcoming online environment by getting to know students and creating weekly Blackboard reminders. (read more)

Alex Daemicke Hansen  |  Fall 2020 | Visiting Lecturer | Department of Biological Sciences
Walter J. Podrazik

Professor Podrazik reimagined the online classroom as an on-air radio talk show. (read more)

Walter J. Podrazik  |  Fall 2020 | Adjunct Lecturer | Department Of Communication
Max Berkelhammer

Professor Berkelhammer found creative ways for students to collaborate in locating soil samples across the city for their class Soils and the Environment. (read more)

Max Berkelhammer  |  Fall 2020 | Associate Professor | Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Dale Reed

Professor Reed utilized an online professional development template to create easier synchronous collaboration across classes. (read more)

Dale Reed  |  Fall 2020 | Clinical Professor | Department of Computer Science
Zhenyu Yuan

Professor Yuan realized that compassion is key to helping students learn during a pandemic. (read more)

Zhenyu Yuan  |  Fall 2020 | Assistant Professor | Department of Managerial Studies
Denise Kent

Professor Kent used authenticity, transparency, and inclusivity to guide online learning. (read more)

Denise Kent  |  Fall 2020 | Clinical Assistant Professor | Department of Nursing
Surrey Walton

Professor Walton used Blackboard Collaborate to lecture and facilitate student interaction. (read more)

Surrey Walton  |  Fall 2020 | Associate Professor | Department of Pharmacy Administration
Amanda Eades

Professor Eades converted in-person mock pharmacy interviews to telehealth, thus preparing pharmacy students for the changing world. (read more)

Amanda Eades  |  Fall 2020 | Clinical Assistant Professor/Clinical Pharmacist | Department of Pharmacy
Tara Driscoll

Professor Driscoll used a hybrid, flipped-classroom format to provide an overview of contemporary pharmacy practice in a hospital setting. (read more)

Tara Driscoll  |  Fall 2020 | Clinical Assistant Professor | Department of Pharmacy
Les Hanakahi

Professor Hanakahi surveyed Pharmacy students about their thoughts on PowerPoint captions. (read more)

Les Hanakahi  |  Fall 2020 | Assistant Professor | Department of Pharmacy